A Life Worth Living

Live a life

With keepsake memories

Cherished from afar

With dearest friends

That keep you in their hearts

And celebrate your worth

Without regrets

That weigh you down

Until your breath escapes you

Making a name

And leaving traces of yourself behind

To keep on living after life

Worth living.

Quotes on Love

“Doesn’t love mean trust, faith, giving of yourself? Doesn’t love mean filling a gap, meeting a need, completing the whole?”


“It’s good to let God pick a man for you. We don’t do so well when we pick them ourselves. They end up like lipsticks in a drawer, all those wrong colors you thought looked so good in the package.”


“You need someone in your life who sees trees the same way you do.”


“Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.”


“Love has all the lasting permanence of a rainbow- beautiful while it’s there, and just as likely to have disappeared by the time you blink.”


“Love is ease, love is comfort, love is support and respect. Love is not punishing or controlling. Love lets you grow and breathe. Love’s passion is only good passion– swirling-leaves-on-a-fall-day passion– not angst and anxiety. Love is not hurt and harm. Love is never unsafe. Love is sleeping like puzzle pieces. It’s your own garden you protect; it’s a field of wild flowers you move about in both freely and together.”


Now go out and fill your lives with more love. <3

The Battle of Morality

What will you do

When you’re on trial

For a crime you didn’t commit-


Do you put on a smile

And lie, or stand up tall and admit

That yes, you were there,

But you never saw that man

For you were wearing nothing but shame where

You met your lover in the garage and betrayed your biggest fan-


The one who’s been there all your life

Always caring for you, (but why?)

The meek one, she’s your wife.


You’ll swear by and by

You didn’t know your lover was married (honest)

So when her husband knocked on your door

And your wife listened to him threaten you in the calmest

Manner and invited him in; and with his back turned she knocked him down to the floor

Before realizing what she had done, before the panic

That she couldn’t lift him alone


She began to pace, frantic

(Her innocence was blown)

When she discovered a creak in the wood,

Lifted up the board and pushed him under the patio

And cleaned up the blood

Before you would know.


But when he “went missing” she cried in your arms

About the man that came over with a knife

And wouldn’t back down. Alarms

Sounded in your head- he would have taken your life

And you realized your faithful wife never knew

That you hadn’t been loyal- and now it’s too late.


After all you two have been through

Put in the hands of karmic fate.


Your body raises to walk to the stand

But do you confess? Say that you strayed

From your ever faithful partner to fruit that was banned?


You think to yourself that you really should have stayed

With her, as she looks at you with starry eyes.


Do you fill this woman with even more pain

Or cover up her only lies?


And now that you know what she did, could she do it again?


So what’s the worst outcome-

Living a lifetime in jail for a crime you didn’t perform

Or admitting she did it, and you’re responsible for the monster she’s become?


You near the stand preparing for the storm.


But the question remains- what would you do

With all eyes on you?


Fade Away

Cherubic smiles

Pinched pink blossomed cheeks

With springy hair

Amateur limbs

And inhibitions.


Slanted smiles

Red rushed rosy faces

While taming tangles

With experienced limbs

And imaginary invincibility.






And Deteriorating.


Faces fading

Along with memories

Until nothing precedes you

And your soul succumbs.

Life Changes

So you want to be happy, but don’t know how?

Well here’s the reason why:

You’re too distracted with the thought

Of skin rubbing, thigh to thigh

And stop telling yourself that things will change on their own

Because you know that’s a lie

You have to ignore the naysayers

Critiquing you as you walk by

That’s the first step to accepting

A brand new way of life

And changing your habits one by one

Slowly saying goodbye

To the you that you used to be

And hello

To the you

That has reached

The sky.


Love Notes, Or Something Else Like It

Love notes? I’ll call it a passion

For a man that is just so dashing

That he makes my heart sing lullabies

And from a thought, heavy sighs

That linger in the air and follow me

Home until I’m with you and I can see

The way your eyes reflect my thoughts

And deepest memories hidden in a box

That you drag out so we can play

With memories of the days that we would say

“Forever yours I’ll be, my dear.

And wherever you go, I promise to be there

For you. I know that alone you are strong,

But with two of us, you can’t go wrong.

I love you in the best of ways

And I’ll love you ’til the last of my days.”

We’ll cover the box and put it back in it’s place

And jump back on our feet to brace

Ourselves for the new memories we will create.

You can call it love at first sight, but I’ll call it fate.

How To Build Yourself From Scratch

A good foundation- two feet planted firmly on the ground

Adequate strength- to carry the weight of yourself and others (others are optional)

A mind of your own- a brain that will lead you away from the hive

Emotion- a determining factor of a healthy soul


It might not seem like much,

But when you add them all together,

You’ve built yourself

A modest home.