Love Notes, Or Something Else Like It

Love notes? I’ll call it a passion

For a man that is just so dashing

That he makes my heart sing lullabies

And from a thought, heavy sighs

That linger in the air and follow me

Home until I’m with you and I can see

The way your eyes reflect my thoughts

And deepest memories hidden in a box

That you drag out so we can play

With memories of the days that we would say

“Forever yours I’ll be, my dear.

And wherever you go, I promise to be there

For you. I know that alone you are strong,

But with two of us, you can’t go wrong.

I love you in the best of ways

And I’ll love you ’til the last of my days.”

We’ll cover the box and put it back in it’s place

And jump back on our feet to brace

Ourselves for the new memories we will create.

You can call it love at first sight, but I’ll call it fate.

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