The Battle of Morality

What will you do

When you’re on trial

For a crime you didn’t commit-


Do you put on a smile

And lie, or stand up tall and admit

That yes, you were there,

But you never saw that man

For you were wearing nothing but shame where

You met your lover in the garage and betrayed your biggest fan-


The one who’s been there all your life

Always caring for you, (but why?)

The meek one, she’s your wife.


You’ll swear by and by

You didn’t know your lover was married (honest)

So when her husband knocked on your door

And your wife listened to him threaten you in the calmest

Manner and invited him in; and with his back turned she knocked him down to the floor

Before realizing what she had done, before the panic

That she couldn’t lift him alone


She began to pace, frantic

(Her innocence was blown)

When she discovered a creak in the wood,

Lifted up the board and pushed him under the patio

And cleaned up the blood

Before you would know.


But when he “went missing” she cried in your arms

About the man that came over with a knife

And wouldn’t back down. Alarms

Sounded in your head- he would have taken your life

And you realized your faithful wife never knew

That you hadn’t been loyal- and now it’s too late.


After all you two have been through

Put in the hands of karmic fate.


Your body raises to walk to the stand

But do you confess? Say that you strayed

From your ever faithful partner to fruit that was banned?


You think to yourself that you really should have stayed

With her, as she looks at you with starry eyes.


Do you fill this woman with even more pain

Or cover up her only lies?


And now that you know what she did, could she do it again?


So what’s the worst outcome-

Living a lifetime in jail for a crime you didn’t perform

Or admitting she did it, and you’re responsible for the monster she’s become?


You near the stand preparing for the storm.


But the question remains- what would you do

With all eyes on you?



We are born with it

And grow with it

It helps us discover new pleasures

And worlds

We never knew existed

Our worlds become corrupt

Poisoning our minds with reality

As we grow older

Until we cannot see the fantasy world

Of our past

Our rose colored glasses

Have turned gray

And we have lost it

Until it finds our children

When they are brought

Into a brand new world.

Persephone Corrupted

A young girl

With no other passion than beauty:


She pranced among them

And picked the ones that stood out against the rest.

Until one day

There was a flower like no other

That she had ever seen before.

She was drawn to its colors, it’s beauty

And ran from her guard

In a moment of distraction.

She plucked the flower straight from the ground

But alas, it would not break free of it’s deep roots.

Little did she know, it was a trick

And Hades wanted to claim her as his own.

She tugged and tugged.

Heaved and pulled until it sprung free

And the earth opened up below her

And Hades took her deep down into the dark underworld

That belonged to him.


She was miserable at first,

Upset that there was no beauty in this cold, dark place.

But she became hungry and weak

And she took a bright red pomegranate

plucked a seed, and popped it into her mouth

Causing her to be stuck in the underworld forever.


Demeter did weep,

For she missed her lovely daughter.

She could not find her for the sun had not seen her-

He was sleeping that day.

And she had not been carried away by the winds-

They were her friends and swore they would not harm her.


Finally, she was found

And she was safe

And a deal was made

Where she could come from the underworld

Visit her mother once a year

But all the rest of the time be stuck with her lover

And left to her demise.


Soon this became too much,

Guarding the damned souls,

The burden was too great.

But something changed her

And she began to enjoy it.