Fate took control

A force to be noted

Unfolded from the start

Of an unknown tune-

A pick against taut strings

Rock the house of our future

Transforming into a dance floor,

Den of movement,

For which we travel through

Until the court rules

Whether our lives

Will be forever intertwined.


I Shall Follow

Walking miles in their shoes-

No shoes…

Soleless Souls

Traversing treacherous terrains.


No haven in view,

But we keep walking-

I keep walking

Despite blisters brimming with blood.


Regardless of where you’re heading

I shall follow.


I wished upon a star

For a dream that felt so far

It could never be in reach

Until the atmosphere was breached.


That shooting star, it fell

My anxiety was quelled

As the stars revealed destiny

And showed that we were meant to be.

Indecisive Tango

In front of me

You stand

In black and white

A 50’s dream

With suit-clad arms by your side

Raising up

As if lifted by clouds

To rest on my generous hip

And outstretched hand

As the music begins.


Behind me

Stands my past

With magnified eyes

Waiting for me to get lost

In the distraction of music

And misstep

Landing a sharp-as-a-knife-heel

In the heart of your foot

So they can shout



But what’s behind you?

I can’t see

For the room is too dark

From the extinguishing sneers of my past

Reducing the fiery passion

Creating tension between your body

And my own.


But I want to know so badly

Regardless of how hard you try

To stand in my way

I’ll step to the right

And see your face

I’ll step to the left

And you’re there with me.


Hold me close until the song ends

Until then,

We’ll keep dancing

In time and rhythm

Side to side.

Love Notes, Or Something Else Like It

Love notes? I’ll call it a passion

For a man that is just so dashing

That he makes my heart sing lullabies

And from a thought, heavy sighs

That linger in the air and follow me

Home until I’m with you and I can see

The way your eyes reflect my thoughts

And deepest memories hidden in a box

That you drag out so we can play

With memories of the days that we would say

“Forever yours I’ll be, my dear.

And wherever you go, I promise to be there

For you. I know that alone you are strong,

But with two of us, you can’t go wrong.

I love you in the best of ways

And I’ll love you ’til the last of my days.”

We’ll cover the box and put it back in it’s place

And jump back on our feet to brace

Ourselves for the new memories we will create.

You can call it love at first sight, but I’ll call it fate.