Arrogant Assimilation


Actualizing annoyance


Absent and abandoned

Adolescence: adhered

Apathetic assimilation

Authorizes an appearance

And an abolished affair.

Recipe for Disaster

One mistake that could have been prevented

But not easily fixed.

Stir until the bumps begin to smooth out.

Add a dash or glimmer of hope to taste;

Enough that it can still be crushed

But not enough to overpower.

Let sit until it ferments

And spreads

Sinking into the crevices in your brain

Leaving you with nothing

But an aftertaste

Of what could have been.


Rainy Day

The morning was met with cold

And darkness, not rays of gold

For the sun disappeared for lack of being bold

And left the sky empty because of the cold.


The sky has begun to turn a deep gray

Waiting for the blessing of the day

And for all the people to say “Dear Rain, go away.”

And fill the town with color instead of just gray.


Rain is harshly falling down

Every where you may look, the ground

Is wet through and through and all around

And will leave the wilderness fruitful from the rain that’s falling down.




A suburban mother of two boys starts selling marijuana to support her lifestyle and her family after her husband passes away. She doesn’t initially realize all of the danger that it will put her family in, but she finds out very fast between a run in with gangsters of different races wanting to get her supply and run her out of business (and out of town), and several different moves that even send her trying to get new identities for her family and cross the border into Canada! Weeds was funny, albeit raunchy at times, and definitely brought the drama to Showtime.

My favorite characters

  • Nancy Botwin: The mother of the family, she never really smokes her own product (or anyone elses) and remains clean throughout the entire series. She significantly grew as an individual and stood up for herself and what she believed was right for her family. She had so much drama going on in her life that it really sucked you in, between being with her brother-in-law, a DEA, a Mexican politician that was also the head of the biggest drug cartel in Mexico, and a Rabbi you can’t help but get sucked into Nancy’s romantic side and wonder what will come next.
  • Andy Botwin: Andy was a quirky individual that had a very hard time with his relationship with Nancy because he loved her, and he knew that she wasn’t right for him but he couldn’t help but try to be with her. He was there when Stevie was born and honestly, it was a very intimate moment when they were trying to raise a baby together and I found myself really hoping that things would work out between them.
  • Conrad: Conrad was another one of the romantic connections with Nancy. Conrad fell in love with Nancy when she first started buying her product from Heylia, and when they started being business partners, it was so difficult to pull yourself away from them because there was such a connection between the two characters. In the series finale, I was most excited to see Conrad and…. Guillermo!
  • Guillermo: Guillermo, Guillermo, Guillermo… Man, he was a very tough character. His personality was very dominant and very hostile, but he was a great character and a great contrast to Nancy. Nancy learned a lot from Guillermo even though he got her into A LOT of trouble. It was always exciting with Guillermo, though. One of my favorite parts from the show is when Nancy and Guillermo are standing on top of the hill watching the town of Agrestic (Nancy’s hometown) burn up in flames because of Guillermo. Guillermo was a big part of making Nancy who she was.

Another one of my favorite moments was when the family was in Ren Mar, it was hilarious watching Doug and Andy become coyotes and get people from Mexico to come to America, and I think Silas grew a lot when they were in Ren Mar as well.

Silas was a character that it was very easy to fall in love with. He loved working with the plants and really cared about them. He was good at what he was doing (growing the product) and he had a lot in common with his mom. Between the two boys, it was Shane that I had a problem with. Shane was a controversial character because he was kind of the black sheep of the family. When everyone else was working on setting up a new business, Shane was busy becoming a cop (which was smart, until it showed the characters in 8+ years and Shane was needing to go to rehab). Also, Shane was the only character from the family that I believe flat out killed someone. Granted, I enjoyed the fact that he killed Pilar, because that was a pivotal moment in his life- after he killed Pilar, he started to feel invincible and very cocky, and it was these very factors that got him into the most trouble.

The show felt complete when it ended, but I think they ended it a little bit fast. The last episode or two of the series show the family 8+ years later. You didn’t get to see the relationship between Nancy and the Rabbi blossom, but apparently they were married, and it leads you to believe that he committed suicide. It also shows Stevie celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, but the last time you see him before that, he was only five years old! I felt like there was a lot more that could have been done with the show, I would have liked Season 8 to end regularly, and then possibly start a new season showing how much their lives had changed. That being said though, I did like seeing Nancy run a legitimate business and being rich for something that she was good at, I also loved seeing all of the old characters from the past seasons, but I missed Celia and I wish they would have showed her. It was also hilarious that Doug became a Guru running his own cult!

Overall, Weeds is a hilarious show and I loved everything that was going on with it. It’s difficult to keep up with at parts, it’s not the best written show out there, but it is very entertaining if you’re willing to put up with the raunchy parts. I loved it! 10/10.

From One To The Next

A family so complete

Every member an active participant

Of holding love in their arms

And virus-like happiness in their eyes

Contagious… spreading

To your own heart within minutes

And turns your recently icy demeanor

From the frost burns

Of your former father

To an overwhelming boil

As passion flares

And warms you throughout.

Roots of Insight

roots of insight




Quinn has returned from Eirentheos to Earth and is left to live life like a teenage girl, but she’s having a major problem readjusting. She can’t seem to stop thinking about the time she spent in Eirentheos and how much different it is from her own home. She is absolutely delighted when Thomas travels through the gate to invite her to a royal wedding in Eirentheos, but something is amiss. Thomas is distracted with the thought of his missing cousin, Lily, and Quinn was the last one to see him before he went missing and she returned home. Will Quinn be able to help William find Thomas? Will they solve the mystery of their missing cousin? And how will they ever stop the ill-intended Tolliver from becoming the King of Philotheum after all he’s done to poison the children?

In this thrilling Sequel to the first book in the Dusk Gate series, Quinn truly begins to understand who she really is. She keeps having vivid dreams and begins to confuse them with real life, but they seem to help her find what she’s looking for. It almost seems like she’s fulfilling her destiny of becoming a prophet, but that’s just my opinion. I loved reading the way the relationships between Quinn, Zander, William, and Thomas grew individually and I still find myself completely torn in this love triangle that has Quinn in the middle of it all!

This book in it’s entirety kept me on the edge of my seat. There is a rebellion stirring against Tolliver that has safe houses between the two kingdoms of Philotheum and Eirentheos that Quinn and William travel through to find Thomas, but it’s not as easy as it might seem. The most nerve-wracking and anxiety filled part of this book takes part towards the end where they are staying in a safe house provided by a family that doesn’t seem all too trustworthy, they certainly seem to be keeping a lot of secrets. Hopefully Quinn and William will learn the difference between their friends and their foes before they’re left with no one to join them standing in Tolliver’s way to the throne. Once again, an 8/10.

Seeds of Discovery


Quinn was just your average teenage girl, that is, until the fateful night that she almost hit her fellow classmate William Rose with her car and he vanished into thin air shortly after. Caught up in the mystery of William Rose (and how he keeps disappearing), Quinn begins to follow him to see what she can find out. Never in her wildest dreams was she prepared for the mystery that was revealed. A gateway between two worlds, ours and the land of Eirentheos where William Rose is a Prince of the kingdom. In William’s absence, a sickness had been spreading with no positive advances in how to cure it, until Quinn came along. Will she be the one to help save them?

I was very easily sucked into theĀ magic of Seeds of Discovery. From the very beginning, I was furiously turning pages to find out what could possibly be going on with William Rose, I started feeling like Quinn myself! William had been the shy kid at school and always kept to himself, so when Quinn noticed that he was disappearing, she decided to follow him to a broken bridge over a lake. Worst case scenario she figured she would fall in, but she got much more than she bargained for.

I loved the author’s detail of Eirentheos and it was very easy to imagine the type of kingdom that it would be. Everything was very easily explained, and I loved the way that time moves a lot faster in Eirentheos than it does in our world. In the book, Quinn was there for ten days, but in our world that would have only been one! I really wanted the book to be longer, and I felt like there very easily could have been more of a story to it. Also, there are 13 Princes and Princesses of Eirentheos, so keeping track of the names could be a little bit difficult at times if you’re not paying close attention.

I loved the pace that the story moved at, and I found myself torn between who I want Quinn to end up with romantically. Does she date Zander- the boy she’s known for her entire life, classic gorgeous football player with a great personality? Or William Rose himself- the shy boy from her school that she’s known forĀ years that has a secret that’s literally out of this world? Or what about William’s irresistibly charming brother Thomas? I can’t wait to finish reading the second book in the Dusk Gate series to find out who gets the girl, who is poisoning the children of the kingdom, and just how Quinn manages the pressures of being a teenage in two worlds at once! I would definitely give this one an 8/10

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