She approaches the vacant bed

With caution

And reflects

On all of the late nights

The requests

For him to crawl in next to her

And wrap his arms around her

A warmth that only he could provide

He did this to himself

She thinks

As she climbs inside

Pulls the freshly laundered sheets up to her neck

Where they lie

With a cold but comforting touch

I’m here for you

As she creates her linen cocoon

And drifts to sleep

Without him.

11 thoughts on “Vacant

  1. Tamara I…..The short, yet “punchy” delivery, the rhyme, meter, time, and entire poem; “drew me in,” just as any great writing will do. Have you ever thought about using your skills to write Sales copy? I believe that it would not take much coaching in sales writing to transform your natural ability to “grab and hold” eyeballs; and parlay them into some killer copy writing works.

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    Very Best Regards,

    Stephen Monday

  2. It’s like a nice little goodbye to that emotionally unavailable guy. I know how that feels! The bed’s roomier and possibly more comfortable with just one person in it anyway

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