Irregular Apocalypse

It started with one

A single caterpillar was infected

With beauty

It grew like normal

And transformed like normal

And became a butterfly.


This butterfly was pulchritudinous, as usual,

But when it came to mating,

It laid thrice as many eggs.


Caterpillars turned butterflies-

Leaves being demolished by ugly little insects

Turning into beautiful monsters

Flying throughout the sky.


The skies were made of wings,

The ground covered in dead grass

Due to the aesthetic apocalypse.


8 thoughts on “Irregular Apocalypse

      1. Great, then, all being well, I’ll include the poem as part of the upcoming Apocalypse Thursday collections, where I showcase the various apocalyptically-themed items I try and collect together during the week. This will take place next Thurs -11 April . Obviously I’ll identify you as the author of the poem and provide links back to your blog etc. Cheers!

    1. It was a new word for me as well, that’s why it’s bold. Plus, I wanted it to stand out 🙂 Thanks for the compliments!

  1. Love it. The opposing descriptions of monstrous beauty… We have a butterfly plant and with seven monstrosities chomping away and it was easy to imagine the sky filled with new butterflies and the dead grass beneath.

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