Great Potential

There lay

A sleeping babe

So sweet and innocent

Coddled by his single mother



He was

A dreaming boy

That dreamt of peace and love

Though he did not yet understand

What is.


Sweet love,

Dreaming of hope,

With the strongest power

Of changing the world for better

For all.


This boy

Although naive

Would surely learn his power

To create a world of great joy

So soon.


He will

Help his mother

‘Til the day he is strong

Enough to rid the world of bad

For us.


There lay

A dreaming boy

With the strongest power

To create a world of great joy

For us.

11 thoughts on “Great Potential

  1. An innocent and strong will, children always prove to have such pure intention–to steal cookies, be superheroes, or have great prospect like making a better world. A cultivated piece with succinct imagery

  2. Hello Tamara,

    I’m glad to have stumbled upon this lovely page. Your poems are beautiful.
    I’ll see you on my dash.

    Keep writing!


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