The World We Live In

Straight past the busy street

With cars as fast as a shooting star

Blurring past you in the night

To the quiet neighborhood

With houses lined up side by side

Sleeping next to one another

For warmth, comfort, strength in numbers.

The dull glow of the street light

Takes place above the neighborhood

As if it were a glowing planet

Keeping watch, keeping us safe.


Turn right down the winding road

That slithers like a snake

Passing more sleeping houses

With the occasional dim television night light.

One more right will lead you to

Transplanted palm trees reaching out to the heavens

With birds resting in the palm frond fingers

And cats prowling the trodden earth

With hungry eyes- disturbed by the

Put-put-puttering of an old

Busted white Chevy blundering down the street.


Pass the park that preserves youth

And you’ll find yourself at a crossroads

Ahead of you (and even behind you)

Lies a quiet neighborhood slumbering

Looming in the unknown darkness.

Look to the left, now to the right

And see the street stretching before your eyes

Overpowering lights reflect from your eyes to my own

As you stare at me with wonder

At the beauty of this place where we live.

You take my hand and together we are

Launched into space on a trip to the unknown.

Elope, We Shall

Again, I fall for that wicked smile

Like a glimpse of sun

On a frigid winter morning.

Perchance your hands will warm my heart with

Elation as they grasp mine in the

Church of lust and no return to the

Island of insecurity from whence we came. I’ll

Abandon my life in a flash for a chance to have a future with you.

Ode to Paper

Lines provided to me

On sheet white skin

To inscribe words upon.


Let me dispose my

Thoughts at my will.

Let me scribble, scratch

Or possible erase them;

But you may keep

The ones you like.


I hope my pen

Is as kind to

You as you are

To my general well-being.


You deserve a life

Of decent words passionately

Filling your body with

Their grace. But do

Not let them possess

You or overcome you.


For your beauty and

Potential are of one

That deserves to be

Shared with the world.


With my heart beating a bass line

And my fingers searching for your own

Meeting in the middle of the table,

A hand-made centerpiece

We think back to earlier days-

Laughing at our happiest moments

Crying at our most defining;

But it seems the memory that we’re making

Is one of our finest ones yet.

You And I

What else is there for me to say?

You and I love much the same way

You’ll love me past when my hair turns gray

And I’ll love you until our very last day.

With all the fights that we’ll keep at bay

I’ll look at you, and I’ll think and I’ll pray

That nothing will change as we lay

And we will always be happy and gay.


Lips parted
Giving way to
Perfected pearly whites
And spewing sarcasm
Mixed with honesty.
The upturned corners
Of your mouth
Show me the truth
Behind your emotions-
In this case
A mixture of
On your face for display
For all to see
And to cherish.

Arriving By Train

I saw you

Through the window

Of broken promises

Stained with teardrops.


But maybe I was wrong-

For you weren’t sad,

but smiling.


Although your eyes

May have met blissful tears

It was not they

Who stained the window

But merely raindrops

Of a fresh day.


Our promises

Since repaired

Can hold the weight

Of the gaze we share.

Eyes that meet

Not for the first time,

But again.


As motion comes to a halt

Thoughts spring into action

And cause me to yell out to you:

I’ve returned, I’m all yours.