A Glance at the Stars

A glance at the stars in the

Middle of the city,

And the sky is shining brighter

Than I remember-

I suddenly feel so small.


A glance at the stars while we

Play outside at night;

Nothing to guide us home

Except their light,

Feeling protected in their presence.


A glance at the stars on the

Night we met

Their grace instilling hope.

I smile up at the sky,

Knowing they’re smiling back.


A glance at the stars with a

Heavy heart and the ghosts of tears

On my face. I can’t see you

But I feel you, wherever you are,

Comforting me like you always have.


Lips parted
Giving way to
Perfected pearly whites
And spewing sarcasm
Mixed with honesty.
The upturned corners
Of your mouth
Show me the truth
Behind your emotions-
In this case
A mixture of
On your face for display
For all to see
And to cherish.