Monkey, do you see me? Monkey, you must do.

Tuck in your shirt

Drop your inhibitions and dress accordingly

Tame  your tangled locks

And train your eyes right here on me

For, Monkey, you must see

What this monkey will do.


Cover up those tattoos,

What are you? A disgrace?

Take out your tacky piercing

And point your smile my way,

Monkey, you must see

What the master of monkeys will do.


I just asked you for a favor

And “okay” is all you have to say?

I don’t seek compliance

I seek a trained monkey that won’t stand in my way.

Dear monkey, I’ll make you a master

Then we’ll see what you can do.



Who Am I Without You?

Walking through life unscathed by

Hell on earth

Only because of me


And what do I get in return?

Mute mutiny and abandonment of hope-


In this world of ours, I’m alone


With time moving on with a grudge

I look at you and reminisce on

Times where we were side by side

Holding onto hope with bare hands,

Only to find our fingertips burned-

Unusual casualties of falling in love

Together, on an island alone.


Yet here we stand with

One of us ready to move on, to live! At least

Until she feels regrettable reprieve.

Death Pact Angel of Orzhova

I stand on a concrete ledge

Staring at the ground below

My translucent tattered wings spread out behind me

Refracting light at all angles

That makes the alley beneath me glow

As it calls out to me

If you fall, I’ll be here to catch you.


My wings were strong once

And they would carry me on the lightest of winds

But I had fallen

Madly and deeply in love

For a man that couldn’t see my potential

And all that I could be.

He clipped my wings and made me his

But what have I had since then?

My immortality has caused me to lose my love

And now I’m forever lost.


I’ll have one last flight

One last chance to soar

And feel freedom kiss my cheeks.


These thoughts slowly push me closer to the edge

Until I let myself go.

This is my mental undoing, I think

As my body crumbles to pieces from the impact-

And although I can feel pain, I cannot ever truly die

So I will lie here with tattered wings and broken bones

Until someone finds me and patches me up

Only for me to try again.


We are born with it

And grow with it

It helps us discover new pleasures

And worlds

We never knew existed

Our worlds become corrupt

Poisoning our minds with reality

As we grow older

Until we cannot see the fantasy world

Of our past

Our rose colored glasses

Have turned gray

And we have lost it

Until it finds our children

When they are brought

Into a brand new world.