Death Pact Angel of Orzhova

I stand on a concrete ledge

Staring at the ground below

My translucent tattered wings spread out behind me

Refracting light at all angles

That makes the alley beneath me glow

As it calls out to me

If you fall, I’ll be here to catch you.


My wings were strong once

And they would carry me on the lightest of winds

But I had fallen

Madly and deeply in love

For a man that couldn’t see my potential

And all that I could be.

He clipped my wings and made me his

But what have I had since then?

My immortality has caused me to lose my love

And now I’m forever lost.


I’ll have one last flight

One last chance to soar

And feel freedom kiss my cheeks.


These thoughts slowly push me closer to the edge

Until I let myself go.

This is my mental undoing, I think

As my body crumbles to pieces from the impact-

And although I can feel pain, I cannot ever truly die

So I will lie here with tattered wings and broken bones

Until someone finds me and patches me up

Only for me to try again.

4 thoughts on “Death Pact Angel of Orzhova

  1. Many Women (and I dare say broken-hearted Men) have experienced these emotions of pain and regret for a Love that was not fulfilling…how beautifully you have expressed these emotions in words. Also, using the image of the Butterfly (symbol of transformation) has an inherent message that these feelings are also transitory and transformational. When we feel this way, it is always important to remember that the Heart does heal and re-generate, and will feel the bliss of love again…

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