Aging Wisdom

He used to be so strong

But gravity and time

Have done their worst-

Pulling on his skin

Stretching it

Making it sag

Before replacing it

Back onto his face, his body

Making him look aged

Well beyond his years.


He used to be an extrovert

Easygoing and outgoing

But his age is catching up with him

While his friends and family

Leave him behind-

Left to fend for himself

Without company

Or even a helping hand.


He used to be naive

But life has been rough on him-

He has struggled

And strived for success

As he wares himself out

Working hard to obtain

The American Dream

Gone are his looks

Youth and innocence

Replaced with the wisdom of an experienced man.

9 thoughts on “Aging Wisdom

    1. Very deep comment, I like that thought though. That’s definitely something to think about, and you’ve given me a prompt for another day :] Thanks!

      1. I think we are all being shaped by an unseen hand/energy, but its our thoughts that direct the hand, and we don’t realize that, because its easier, more convenient to blame something outside of us.

  1. Very good Tamara. I could think of a few people this reminds me of. Your so talented!! Good job sweetie

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