Despise Me

I know now

That I’m the one to blame

For all of the misunderstandings

And creating a rift

That kept growing

Until it was so large

That both of us collapsed in its depths.


I know now

That my actions are irreparable

In your eyes

But that won’t stop me

From trying to say sorry

From trying to sew up the wounds

That are evident all over my body

And have yet to scar.


I know now

That it takes two people

To make a heart break

And also two people

To put the pieces back together.


I also know

That you will never forgive me

That you’ll go on with your life

And I’ll go on with mine


Do you ever think of me?

Are you happy with the way your life turned out?

Are you happy without me?

For the simple reason

That you despise me so much

To the extent of withholding yourself

Of the apology you deserve.