Still [Life]


Freshly stretched

And never used

That smells of paper

Feels like silk

And tastes like new beginnings

Until you pick up your brush.


Inspiration moves you

Stroke by stroke

As you create a masterpiece

Day by day

Until passion dwindles-

Then you’ll wait

Until it strikes

And you’ll overcome.


The end result

Will be a painting

Of insurmountable beauty

Created by the still life moments

That you captured in your mind

Heart and brush

Forever preserved in paint

For all to see and admire. prompt for day 27.

2 thoughts on “Still [Life]

  1. I used to watch my father paint – it was his passion and hobby. He just could put it together. i have never had any talent in drawing, painting, etc, yet when I read your poem, it flows through me at the memories of knowing that this is exactly how my dad felt when he painted.

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