Even Though We’re Not

A hand that caresses my face

With long fingers full of grace

And makes me think your hurt is erased

Even though it’s not.


A cascade of words that fall to the ground

Repelled by your cold gaze and piling up in a mound

But I still think I’m strong enough to make a sound

Even though I’m not.


A laugh that tickles my ear

Sends a chill down my spine when I hear

For it makes me think that you are near

Even though you’re not.


All the things I wish I could say

To turn back time and find a new way

To make me think that we’re okay

Even though we’re not.


4 thoughts on “Even Though We’re Not

  1. I have ben moved by your poems, particularly “Even Though We’re Not” and will be following you.
    Thank you so much for liking To Vid or Not to Vid on Paper, Mud and Me. Hope you left an opinion.

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