The Life of a Butterfly

An egg

Tiny and round

Decorated with fine deep ridges

And microscopic internal architecture

More complex than its shell.

Mother left it behind

Attached to a leaf

A luscious green solitude

With a home and food nearby.


A caterpillar

A long eccentric worm

With 8 bit stripes and spindly-

Dangerous hairs.

It grows

It learns

It sheds its skin.


A chrysalis

The shell of a transformation

A new beginning

From youth to adult

Naivete to wisdom

And growth-

Tissues broken down

New structures, new architecture built

Made from browns and greens

That camouflage and protect.


An adult

A colorful butterfly emerges

Spreads its wings for the first time

Trying them on for size

And feeling beautiful,

Full of life

Ready to fall in love

See new places

And thrive.

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