The Life of Man

There’s a man at the top of the hill

Just sitting

Maybe he’s resting-

His tired limbs, tired body

Carrying such a heavy soul

So close to the sky.

Maybe he’s reflecting-

His mind stuck wandering

Between past and present

And all the things he would change.

Maybe he’s retiring-

Giving up on the life

That was so harsh to him

Starting a new one in tune with nature.

I don’t know why he’s there.

Maybe he doesn’t either.

2 thoughts on “The Life of Man

  1. May I welcome you to this side of retirement?
    I came by to thank you for stopping by blog and when I found this tender prose I paused to reflect on your words. Without assuming anything here I just want to say that this is such a positive approach you have taken to processing life changes through your empowering words. I am grateful you shared.
    I hope you were moved by your own words as I have been. I have been retired for a few years now and life has never been richer – living with a different set of scruples than I did when working. Kind of nice.

    Wishing you much happiness in your new adventures ~ BB

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