Are You the One for Me?

Would you-

Follow me to the end of the Earth

Where no one else will know our names?

Listen to my every word

And hold on to it like a cherished friend?

Join me for my smallest whims

Even if they require more than they’re worth?

Hold my hand through thick and thin

And be there for me when I fall?

Trust in me and believe

I would never lead you astray.

Help me act out my hopes and dreams

And celebrate our success.

Love me like there’s no tomorrow

And hope today never ends.

But even if you would,

Would I do the same for you?

The Life of Man

There’s a man at the top of the hill

Just sitting

Maybe he’s resting-

His tired limbs, tired body

Carrying such a heavy soul

So close to the sky.

Maybe he’s reflecting-

His mind stuck wandering

Between past and present

And all the things he would change.

Maybe he’s retiring-

Giving up on the life

That was so harsh to him

Starting a new one in tune with nature.

I don’t know why he’s there.

Maybe he doesn’t either.