An Odd Dream

The slumber had started
But I was unaware-
It was my birthday
Though I thought it too soon.

I was told to invite who I pleased
But I forgot

Only a few were expected to show
But where?
And who?
And why, again?

I put my dog in my purse
To keep her from the cold
And traveled to my destination.

I arrived on time
But all alone.
I sat in a booth
By myself
Eating, drinking
In solitude.

I opened my purse to pay
And there lie my dog
Snoring silently.

I realized I was never alone
And never would be-
Before I awoke

13 thoughts on “An Odd Dream

  1. Beautiful, a bit sad, a bit hopeful. Thanks for checking out my blog, which gave me a chance to drop by yours and read your poetry. I have never been very good at it, I just love to read others. I see we’re both in AZ. Cool!

  2. Hi! I am fascinated by dreams, including yours. I had never paid much attention to mine. Just wrote them off as pizza dreams or something. Then a few years ago, I had a dream–or more likely a night vision–that seemed to come straight from God. The “message” was written by hand and lit up in tiny white lights, like the marque on a theater. I had never experienced a dream like this one. I started listening to a Christian dream interpreter, John Paul Jackson (, who pointed out a scripture that I was unaware of. It’s Job 33: 14-16 and goes something like this: “God speaks to us in dreams and seals our instructions.” Of course, there are many categories of dreams and not all of them are spiritual. I’m not a dream interpreter, but sometimes we can interpret our own dreams. For example, do you actually have a dog, or does the dog simply represent a companion? I found your dream sad but comforting in knowing that you would always have the dog with you. Hmmm. Maybe in dream language, the dog represents loyalty–as in a loyal friend.

  3. Hum, very interesting. Was this an actual dream you had Tamara? Your just so talented. I could never write down on paper what you seem to be able to accomplish with your writings. Good job

  4. Hi Tamara,
    I’m a CA to AZ replant as well! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog today:) I too enjoy creating things–crafting, upcycling, beading, composting…um, I don’t know if that one counts… ha!

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