Release Me

Release me from your grip

On my spine

Where my bones are

Wavering under your strength

Your pressure

And trembling

From fear of being crushed.

On my shoulders

Where your hands have created

Sagging valleys

Filled with exhaustion

From the weight

You made them bare.

On my throat

Where a gasp escapes

From the despair-filled dwellings

Of my being.

Where your hands- enclosed

Force my last ragged breaths

And my hope

That drains.

12 thoughts on “Release Me

  1. Great imagery created! I could feel it….it touched.
    Great work done. Specially that, “On my throat
    Where a gasp escapes
    From the despair-filled dwellings….”
    Felt like it was me…wow! You rock!

  2. Hi, just wanted to say how much I love the effervescent spirit in your blog. You are bursting with creativity, and your love for words brings you much pleasure. It’s brilliant to see. Thank you also for taking the time to visit my blog. I love to visit other wriers – it inspires me to keep writing and creating myself!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and also for your kind words. That really means a lot to me! I enjoy visiting other writers as well, I agree that it is very inspiring. Thank you so much, Helena!

    1. I’m glad it was relatable to you. I find things that you can relate to personally to be very refreshing :] It’s difficult to go through experiences such as these, but they always make us stronger :]

      Thank you for your comment.

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