I Know You As You Were

I know you as you were
With tears that met your iris
And poured out their being into my open palm
As you confessed your overwhelming love
For me for the first time.

I know you as you were
When the thought of seeing me
Brought joy and excitement,
A greeting when I entered the door
Or an everlasting hug when I entered yours.

I know you as you were
Grasping me and keeping me safe
From all of my ludicrous fears
Holding my hand in your own
Or folding me into your arms-
An origami beating heart.

I know you as you were
A man that stood on his own two feet
Not held up by the stilts of a woman
Wavering under your crushing weight
Of emotional instability.

I know you as you were
Loving with a selfless thought
Caring with open arms
Listening with an open heart
And being yourself while being mine.

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