Tell Me That You Love Me

Tell me that you love me

I want to hear you say the words,

but also feel them so I know it’s real

and not just my deepest desires. I want

your words to feel so heavy that they create

fire from the friction of being rubbed against

your tongue. I want your eyes to show so

much passion that they make me feel

your arms grasped tightly around

me with just one look. I want

you to make me feel like

there’s nobody else in

the world meant for

you as much as I

am. All it takes is

three heavily



I love


3 thoughts on “Tell Me That You Love Me

  1. loved the form and the mesage!!! you intentionally did that, didn’t you? the whole poem shaped like half of a heart? it said a lot more than the words did (at least for me). it’s brilliant. 🙂

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