Dancing on the Edge

Standing on the balcony ledge,

You surprise me with a kiss.

This is where we begin to dance on the edge

Because if you leave, everything about you I will miss.

Like the way you catch my eye

And tell me you love me

In such ways that make me sigh

And hope forever yours I’ll be.

Or the way you laugh at things I say

And how you make sure I’m comfortable when we lie

Side by side while our elbows touch.

The only thing I need to know

Is exactly how much

You love me and when it will show.

But all we have is now-

As the curtains are closing, we take our bow.

10 thoughts on “Dancing on the Edge

  1. You’re yet young right? You’re a good poet. don’t waste it. I waited till I was 55. of course it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. I like the capitalizing the first lines like poets used to. the others don’t give me confidence they are poems. Thanks for following my blog (rumi-nations.com). i’d follow yours but saw no follow button. I’ll just post this here but add i liked them all. and some were very impressive.

  2. Thanks for following emotanafricana.com.

    Your poetry shows you are well on your way towards your goal of choosing the literary world for a career. I’m sure you’ll get there.

    My regards.

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