I’ll write you as I please,

A character in my story

Is all you’ll ever be


I’ll make you dance

I’ll make you sing

I’ll make you fall in love with me


When I feel I’m in over my head

I’ll cut your strings, puppet,

And set you free.


A hunger within…
Filthy cravings occupy my mind
As I hope for the demise of others.

Your pleasantries are ill-received
By the presence outweighing my own.
I can’t help but lookat your nauseating smile
With disgust.

It’s not me,
It’s the demon inside
That’s preying on your soul.


The sound of metal colliding rings in my ears

And all I see is white.

The stretcher, the walls,

The bright light calling to me

As I scream for you.


Lying five feet away,

You’re so close

But these walls separating us

Keep me from whispering your name…

From trying to hold your once warm body

In my decaying arms.


I’ve lost all hope of being with you

As I lie here, waiting for an eternity to pass

Inside a plot under a headstone.